Settling into Costa Rica

We have now been in Costa Rica for 4 nights and things have not quite been what we expected. Unfortunately we had what felt like neighbours from hell in our apartment building. So on top of jet lag we have our neighbours coming home drunk and 4.20am, partying on a Wednesday night, smoking enough weed to hot box our apartment as well as there own and having to listen to every loud word they say as there is virtually no sound proofing. Unfortunately asking them to be quite has not been enough so we are thinking we might have to move, however, accommodation is expensive in this area so we may have no choice but to stay on and buy some even better earplugs.

We start class on Monday and we are already exhausted and worried that even after 4 nights we are at our wits end. We are really hoping that things improve heading into the course next week, as we will be getting up early, studying all day and completing homework.

Other than above, Santa Barbara is a nice place to be based, it has a great bus connection to Heredia, Alajuela, San Jose and Barva (where the course is). We are so far enjoying the way of life here, there are lots of little shops, nice food and the people seem really friendly and helpful. It has just been hard to enjoy things so far as we are so tired and have been sleeping-in to catch up and sadly after lunch it just rains all afternoon and is dark by 5.30pm which has been limiting.

Here is hoping things improve and we have a better news story for our next post.

Katie and Ali



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