Realities of our trip #4 – Good morning Vietnam!

The other day I was massaged by a prostitute…. This is the reality of my Vietnamese massage experiences so far. When you check into a 4 star hotel (whilst on a tour), you expect the massage service to be legitimate… Unfortunately for me the service offered by the hotel was more massage parlour than day spa. I was lying there and a very pretty girl in very skimpy underwear and a small robe came in. My first thought was “oh shit”, the massage was terrible but luckily no “special service” was offered to me (yay). Overall, it was a very awkward experience, and a I learnt a valuable lesson. Going forward I will choose my massage service more carefully and if a hotel offer massages late into the night and have a special floor dedicated to it I will give it a miss…

It has been exciting to arrive into a new continent after so long in Central America. Our time in the UK was really great and gave us time to rest and take in some home comforts. Percy Pigs for Ali! Arriving into Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon for the locals) has been quite the culture shock. It is very different here, there is a lot more pollution, a lot more people and so many motorcycles crossing the road feels like we are risking our lives every time. We have it down now though, just keep going at a constant and predictable pace and you ‘should’ be ok…

File_000 (9)
Try crossing this… zebra crossings and traffic lights mean very little

We are still pretty tired and all this travel has been taking it toll. It has been hard to shake the slight cold I have and Ali now has one. As it is so hot here (at least 34 degrees everyday) we rely on air-conditioning a lot which probably doesn’t help, but I think we would sweat our body weight in sweat without it. Hopefully we adjust soon.

Cheers to being in Asia! PS check out our new ‘genuine’ Ray Bans

The food here in Vietnam has been pretty good so far, it is cheap and contains lots of vegetables which we really missed in Central America. Ali has been struggling a bit though and I am sure he misses his cheese sandwiches and salt and vinegar chips, but he is getting there. We have had a few hit and misses, the worse was the kidney and liver noodle soup I ordered… but the best has been the seafood on Phu Quoc Island.

A lady making fresh spring rolls for us… yes that is a whole deep fried fish on the left…

We have recently taken some time out on Phu Quoc Island which is in the Gulf of Thailand. We found this awesome good value resort (La Casa) and it has been so nice relaxing here, this island is nothing special but the resort has made for a good start and has helped us with our jet-lag! We are excited to see what South East Asia has to offer! Any advice or tips please let us know!

File_000 (10)
The beautiful pool at La Casa Resort, Phu Quoc Island

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