Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Phangan is the middle island within a chain of popular tourist islands which include Koh Tao and Kau Samui. We skipped Koh Tao mostly due to a geographical misunderstanding but that meant we were on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, one of the greatest parties in the world!

We stayed in 2 different locations on Koh Phangan, Moon Beach Bungalow in the small township of Srithanu and Salad Beach at Salad Beach Resort. Srithanu was a chilled out town with a nice hippy vibe and great vegan restaurants. I had my first Thai massage here! Massages are only B300 ($12 NZD) but it was pretty painful, small Thai ladies are strong! The beach in this area at this time of year was sadly too shallow for us to swim and as taxi’s are a complete rip off we had to hire a scooter for a few days to be able to enjoy the beaches. The scooters were cheap at B200 for 24hrs compared to a taxi at at least B200 per person, per journey!


Those that know me, know that hiring a scooter is a big deal. We made sure we got a good one from a trust worthy person, Ali practiced to ensure he felt confident to drive us and we took it slow and steady and of course wore a helmet. Koh Phangan was actually a good place to get over my distrust of scooters, the roads are pretty easy to drive and there was virtually no traffic. If you aren’t an idiot about it and trust me we saw many, it should be all good. We just made sure we did our research and checked with our accommodation to find the best place to hire one as the island is known for its scams.

The scooter allowed us to explore the whole island, we learnt that Haad Rin (town with the Full Moon Party) is awful and meant we could enjoy the northern beach at Chaloklum Bay instead. We also visited the non-existent (due to season) waterfall in Koh Phangan National Park, rode past a sadly chained up elephant (avoid any elephant tour if you are a decent human being!) and found a water taxi to the remote and beautiful Bottle Beach.

Ali loving his time on Bottle Beach!

Salad Beach is beautiful, it is still shallow but full of resorts and small restaurants. We thought we were onto a good thing at Salad Beach Resort, it was cheap at $40 NZD per night and had a nice pool and beach access. They also provided a return shuttle to the Full Moon Party for B400 each which was pretty good. However, our originally nice stay turned into a disaster. We woke up to bed bugs! My first experience with them ever! The resort had no night staff so we could not change rooms so spent the night on pool mats on the floor as the bed was impossible to sleep in. The Resort to our disappointment handled the situation very poorly and lied to us about providing a refund. Hence TripAdvisor knows all about! It really put a dampener on otherwise a great time on Koh Phangan. Lucky for us, Koh Samui is only a B300 boat ride away and we have had a great experience with our accommodation here.

View from the top at Koh Phangan National Park

The Full Moon Party

We went to the 19 June 2016 Full Moon Party, our resort was very quite so we spent the evening before the party drinking red wine and listing to fun music on our balcony. We jumped in the shuttle (also know as the back of a pickup truck) at 9.30pm and made the journey to the party! On our shuttle ride we met some nice girls from Amsterdam and a group of Scottish girls! It took quite a while to get to the party as we were on the other end of the island but the journey was in good sprits. Our driver did get pulled over by police at the entrance to the party. The police were out in force that night!

Warming up for the Full Moon Party! Found a few leftover Cuban Cigars to enjoy!

We arrived at Haad Rin and it was chaos, there were so many people! God knows where they all came from as the island was dead but they were there and ready for a good time. We each paid B100 (about $4NZD) each for our ‘entry’ wristband. We were not sure how legitimate this was but most other people were wearing one so paid it anyway and headed to the nearest 7/11 for some beer.  The 7/11 is probably the best place to buy beer as it can be trusted, it was cold and it was fairly priced. The nice girl at the counter even opened it for us. It was never our intention to buy the buckets, they looked deadly and by the state of some party goers they were.


For the Full Moon Party, the beach at Haad Rin is packed by thousands of people, there are many beachside bars playing similar oomph oomph music, lots of dancing, lots of glow in the dark paint, lots of “Full Moon Party” t-shirts and lots of passed-out/sleeping or stumbling people in the sand. The ocean is also used as a toilet for many men so swimming is not an option. We remained in good sprits for the evening but did not get wasted. The energy of the crowd kept us dancing until 3am but by then we had had enough and caught the shuttle back, so no sunrise for us.


Overall, Koh Phangan is a chilled out island and less developed than its neighbour Koh Samui. However, we found that there is a seedy undertone here and something about the place just feels a bit off. Apparently a lot of it comes from the years of abuse from Full Moon Party tourists as well as gangs. Nevertheless, it was well worth the visit and we had a great time!

Beautiful sunset from Salad Beach

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