About us

We are Katie and Alisdair and we met the good old fashion way in a bar in Wellington, New Zealand back in 2012 and we were married in November 2018. Katie is from New Zealand and Alisdair is from Scotland and despite the geographical differences we found each other and have never looked back.

The journey so far

We both have an interest in travel and living the best life possible, not only for our own health and happiness but for the well-being of the plant.

Combined we have been to 47 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa! We have travelled alone, with friends and family and now we travel together!

Our biggest trip to date was our 8 month trip in 2015/16 which took us to Canada, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, the UK and South East Asia. We saved for a year and sold pretty much everything to be able to complete this trip and it was the best thing we have done for ourselves. Not many couples are lucky enough to say they spent 24/7 with each other for 8 months.

More recently we have spent a month in the USA (2017), a few weeks in Australia (2018) and spent Christmas 2018 in Africa on a Safari.

In 2019 we will be visiting Australia, Southern USA, Scotland, Ireland and Greece as well as travelling our home country New Zealand which all makes for another busy travel year!

Why read our blog?

We have a real passion for travel and want to share our photos, stories, learnings with family, friends, any future mini-mes and anyone else who wants to read it. We are authentic and honest in our blogging and enjoy sharing our knowledge.

Katie is an accountant which enables us to keep good financial records and keep to our budget, she is also passionate about yoga and the environment.

Alisdair is a town planner with a passion for cities and promoting a better environment for their inhabitants. Also due to Alisdair’s interest in Public Transport, our blog should provide you with lots of great tips on how to get around various places using local transport options. Not only is it more interesting it is way cheaper!

We also both became vegetarian back in April 2016 whilst travelling in Vietnam and have never looked back!

All photos used on this blog are our own.

Our travel goals

Our goal is to come home happier, travelled out, poorer but knowing what we want from life. We haven’t quite mastered the last part but we are a few steps closer. We always come home a lot more appreciative of our life in New Zealand (especially the coffee).

We aim to continue to document our continued travel adventures, our vegetarian lifestyle and other bits and pieces as we aim to live the best life possible!

Keep up to date

We would love to hear from you so feel free to leave us a message, or you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @escapingduo

Alisdair and Katie



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